• Nicola Clarkson

What is Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai Massage is an oil free massage performed on a thai mat where loose clothing is worn.

It is a firm yet revitalising massage leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Its primary goal is to maintain general health and well-being by using techniques such as stretching, acupressure and massage. Applying pressure to the Sen Lines to help remove energy blocks and restore the bodies natural flow of energy.

The main benefits

Restore joint movement and flexibility

Relieve tension, aches and pains

Increase blood circulation

Eliminate toxins

Improve posture

Relieve stress and anxiety

Promote sleep patterns and relaxation

Conditions that respond well to Thai Massage


Lowers back pain

Neck Pain

Frozen shoulder

Poor posture

Stiffness in the joints

Headaches and migraines

Insomnia and anxiety

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