• Nicola Clarkson

Yin Yoga with a Thai Twist was born!

Total Yoga and Thai Massage Aviemore collaboration.

Having both a passion for yoga and thai massage, Julie and I decided to unite and offer a very special class of Yin Yoga and Thai Massage combination.

We have created a wonderful class of Yin Yoga with a Thai Twist. Offering simple and comfortable yet very effective poses with an added benefit of a thai twist. Enhancing the benefits to the body.

The class consists of a series of long held passive yoga poses working to release fascia and improve joint mobility. You can enjoy the added benefit of a thai stretch to deepen the pose which will help the body to relax even more.

It is a deeply relaxing and enjoyable experience with many benefits to the body, mind and soul.

* Improve flexibility

* Reduce stress and anxiety

* Increase blood circulation

* Remove blockages and improve your natural energy flow

* Reduce aches and pains

* Promote sleep patterns and reduce insomnia

* Calms and rebalances the body and mind

Our aim is to provide a safe and relaxing environment where you can feel comfortable in everything you do. The class is suitable for anyone wishing to improve flexibility, reduce aches and pains, reduce stress or simply relax and switch off after a busy day.

We use a lovely selection of essential oils which help to relax the body and promote good health and well-being.

The class has been an amazing success and we are so happy to be able to bring something different to our local community. We have been overwhelmed by the amazing response and support from everyone.

Yin Yoga with a Thai Twist aims to offer the best of yin yoga and thai massage in this wonderful combination class. A truly blissful and relaxing experience.

Here are some beautiful words from our clients about the class.

"It was amazing, a complete treat"

"Loved it, was so chilled out. You ladies certainly work your magic"

"Best sleep ever, I felt like I was on a beautiful quiet beach with a wide open sky"

"It was bliss as always"

"Another amazing class, I had the most amazing sleep and feel totally energised today"

"So relaxing"

"It was heavenly"

This class runs every fortnight from the fabulous space at Cairngorm School of Dance, Dalfaber Industrial Estate, Aviemore.

Please feel free to ask any questions and comments below.